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Now before I start, I would just like to point out that I am not reviewing this as a face powder... So what are you doing I hear you ask....

Well It all started off like this... I was on the search for the contour kit in light when I went to the IMATS, but unfortunatly they were Out of stock. This was to be expected as I went so late :( So as I was having a browse through their collection I noticed that the suede pressed powder in Shade 2 was a very similar colour to the contour kit in light. I thought id pick it up and use it as a Contour becuase I had almost run out of mine, and I dont use the highlighter that comes with it anyway, So this was the better option right?
It comes with more product in the pan, and without the excess highlighter so it defenitely was the better choice.

I use this everyday, and at first I thought that it wouldnt work too well, as its a face powder so obviously it would be less pigmented than the contour kit? Wrong! It works just as well, if not better! Sometimes the contour kit can look quite muddy if applied with too heavy a hand, whereas this powder is great as you can build up the colour as you go! 

I use my Japonesque  to apply this, as I find it provides the best results and doesn't spread to wide onto the rest of my face, and isn't too thin, as too make it look like a thin line. 

I also have the powder in the actual shade that matches my face and I do really like it! It provides a really good finish when I dust it over foundations which provide too much shine! I would recommend these as they are very compact and fairly long lasting! Contour wise it lasts most of the day! 

P.s. Im on the lookout for a new powder and Im really liking the MAC MSF in soft and gentle.. Id love some recommendations please :) x


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  1. Wow!! You are gorgeous. I love your skine tone. You have beautiful skin as well. I have never tried the Sleek brand before but have heard a lot of great things about there palettes. I really like Mac MSF natural medium dark powder.

  2. Wooo, youve got such a pretty face & skin tone!!:) xxxx

  3. this looks wonderful! you look beautiful!

  4. You have such gorgeous skin! The shade suits you well, I think I'll give this a try especially as you prefer it to the contour kit. :) x


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