Avon LUXE Collection

Avon is always a brand that I viewed as not particularly enticing for someone like myself. It was more impartial to the older woman, but my opinion of Avon has certainty changed in recent years. They have updated their collection and I am loving all their new products. 

I went over to board the Avon beauty bus when It stopped off at London to view their most recent collection.


Amazing new lip products out in the Avon Luxe range. Had a little swatch and the lipsticks are so moisturising and the colour payoff is great. The packaging is a very 007esque gold bullet which I absolutely love! So glam.

The eyeshadow palettes have an amazing Array of colours which upon swatching were very pigmented and soft. The colours work well with each other (hence they're in a palette) and there is at least one for every eye colour.

The star of the Show for me was Definitely the Diamond Sparkle palette. It had an amazing assortment of eye shadow colours which I will be doing some looks with soon. Its such a versatile palette, perfect to keep at your desk or in your bag for those after work Christmas parties! 

You can find more of the range, and more information about prices on the Avon website, where you can shop the products too! They're so affordable you cant afford not to! Link


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  1. I love the Luxe lippies, got a few through the other day, can't wait to to wear them :)


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