Christmas at Debenhams

A few weeks back I attended the Debenhams Christamas press day, which showcased many of the new products which are launching for Christmas and also showing us what the new flagship store is going to look like (pretty amazing fyi). 

I'm like a magpie, so you can imagine what I was like that evening, swooning over all the pretty things in the room. Every year I think the brands can't do any better with their Christmas collections and every year they top themselves. 

Here are a few of the things I fell in love with...

The popular unisex fragrance cKone now has a makeup range, and I really like the packaging of it. I had a swatch of a few of the products and I love them! Someone will have to pry me away when I get there.

This Cargo palette is a Dream! All the colours are so wearable, and it perfectly suits the Christmas season. The pigmentation for this palette is amazing, very much on par with the likes of Urban Decay. 

How cute are these Nails Inc crackers?!

Isn't this every girls dream dressing table? Who can spot their favourite perfume? So many I love there!

And who can forget the infamous Benefit Advent Calender? There are only a limited number of these around, so you've got to be quick! 

You can pick up everything and have a browse at the rest of the collection on the Debenhams website! Link


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  1. I love the display! Really beautiful! And I want everything from there, especially the goodies from Nails Inc

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  2. These look so Gergeous ! i want to try it .. Lovely shade and bring it out! Love the look!


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