Kiko Luscious Cream Lipstick

I'm always on the lookout for lipsticks which are not shy in pigmentation, but not matte or too shiny. Its quite difficult to find something which completely fits the bill, as a lot of the more longer lasting lipsticks tend to be the matte ones. The Kiko Luscious cream lipsticks seem to have answered my prayers. 

They are a creamy, but not shiny, but not matte formula. A bit of a mouthful, but they are pretty perfect. They don't drag when applied on the lips, but they last a great deal of time, in comparison to a regular cream formula lipstick. 
The colour payoff is perfect, as you don't have to go over your lips thousands of times before you can see any colour, and its very true to the colour you see on the bullet. 

I believe this is the 005 but the number has rubbed off the bottom of my tube, but it is the perfect "My lips but better" shade for a lighter asian / olive skintone. These lipsticks retail at £6.90 and can be purchased on the Kiko website or instore. They have an amazing fairly newish store on regent street which is somewhere a makeup fanatic MUST go!

Can be purchased on the Kiko website : Link


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  2. The result of cream lipstick is so beautiful.Bright shadow of lipstick is common in women.

  3. wow! The shade is simply lovely and it looks will suit my skin tone very well. The lip enhancement treatment at can also give you plump and luscious lips.


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